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's saturday night before the election and jody will go to sleep in the hallway. there used to be a punk or. cigarettes and put. times have changed. everyone was all smoking. i had just gotten the word in that seat that we're going to lose by 10. we got the word in seattle the last stop, it was an amazing sprint. that's in the book. i want to talk about my book a little bit but really i want to talk about what it's about. people walk up to me and why are you writing this book now? i didn't write it last night, okay? i gave a lecture on it here years ago. i talked about this years ago, and i spoke about it here because nancy invited me to talk about because of what to think it was a grown-up aspect. they played by the market rules. one of things that's change, i cannot stand turning on somewhere channel and seeing total warfare. what's it called? unlimited fighting with a couch of each other's eyes out and they can get all this nonsense. muhammad ali was a great fighter because he played by the rules. there are no rules today. politics isn't much like that. as i go along i will tweak some of
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1